Monday, 29 April 2013

How to Get Fast Relief from Fluid Retention?

What is Fluid Retention?

Water plays an important in our body, which is found in circulatory system and in the body’s tissue, acts as transportation for nutrients and waste products. All the toxins are removes from the body with water through kidney in the form of urine. When the water isn’t eliminating easily from the body, Fluid retention occurs. Fluid retention or Water retention is commonly known as Edema, which is commonly seen in the feet and ankles and because of gravity, swelling is occurred in such area. This swelling due to water retention occupied the enlargement of organs, skin, or other body structures, which is caused by extreme buildup of fluid in the tissues. This extreme build up can lead a tremendous increase in weight in a short period of time.

Certain causes Of Fluid Retention:
Some of the common causes of fluid retention include:
  • Excessive amount of salt in the diet, even in rare condition, it may cause brief experience of water retention.
  • Deficiency of protein in the blood, due to intake of poor nutrition.
  • Problems related to kidney, liver, or heart function.
  • Severe sunburn may lead to water retention and blistering.
  • Another common cause is pregnancy, particularly in the third trimester. Increase level of hormones just before a woman's period can produce a slight swelling and many women battle water retention during pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS).

The common symptoms of fluid retention are as follows:
  • Puffiness occurred in the affected area, feet, ankles and the legs among them.
  • The affected areas may appear extended and glossy.
  • Quickly increase of weight in a short period of time may be noted in some individuals.
  • A dull pain may be noted in certain instances, the joints may feel swollen, stiff and painful to move.

How it is treated?
  • Although edema is a fluid retention, so the logical thing to do is to stop drinking this precious fluid, but depriving your body with water is not really a good idea. Drinking plenty of clear fluids, such as water, will remove toxins and excess fluid buildup, excess water retention can cause kidney damage, therefore wash out the kidneys with water will reduce unnecessary damage due to continuous kidney strain.
  • Restricting the intake of salt is often beneficial. Increase the consumption of fruits and vegetables, which supplies all the essential nutrients to the body that helps to improves blood circulation and prevents water retention.
  • Regular exercise keeps the muscles and blood vessels which leads to better circulation, faster clearing of water and other fluids from the tissue spaces. Jumping can be a better option in improving your circulation, which also help to flush out excess fluids from your body. The up and down activities improve and inspire the lymphatic system, which is dependable for moving and draining fluids.
  • Consumption of plenty of Vitamin B and iron enhancing foods, such as green vegetables and whole grains. In addition to fresh fruits and vegetables, which are high in antioxidants, will certainly help your body to rid itself of excess fluid,
  • Dandelion's leaf is found to be one of the best options for treating bloating problems, as it found to be safe enough. Many supplements use dandelion leaf as the main ingredients, in order to help you relief from water retention caused by high blood pressure. But if anyone is pregnant or has swollen legs, it needs a prescription when consuming it.
  • DO keep your feet up, using a pillow to support your knees and ankles when lying down, resting, reading, or watching television. A little help from gravity can go a long way in draining fluid from swollen limbs. Propping your feet not only helps eliminate water retention but also helps increase circulation that may be inhibited through edema symptoms


Water retention is usually nothing more than a painful occurrence. If facing bloating problem once in a month, some home remedies might help you to get rid of that extra water. However, flushing fluid from the body is good, but not in large quantities. Be cautious of the amount of natural food you consume that has diuretic properties, while taking any fluid reduction medication. The right treatment for swelling depends on the cause; do consult with the doctor if suffered with serious, persistent swelling; breathing problems; chest pain; cough; or getting swelling in one leg caused by calf pain.


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