Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Top 10 Fat Loss Techniques for Men


Today women are not the only one who is more conscious about their health, men are also taking interest to burn the fat inside of their body. There are lots of products available in the market which claims to be beneficial in losing fat. But not all their claims to be true, which leads to some side effects. For these reason many of the overweight people trying various tactics to lose weight, while some are showing more interest towards home remedies. They are more dependent on a proper diet and regular exercise. 

We also came here to help men with some better techniques to lose their weight, which are as follows:

Top 10 Fat Loss Techniques:
  1. Cardio Exercises: These are the exercises that help to burn calories and fat as well as improving the cardiovascular fitness, which again leads to help burn the fat away and keep the lean muscle and strength.
  2. Eat more lean protein: The presence of lean protein in your diet will help you to burn more fat. . The lean protein helps keep metabolism high and burns more calories.
  3. Plan your meals: Takes some time to plan your weekly meals. When possible, you might want to even prepare some of these meals in advance. If you have a plan, you will be much more motivated to stick to that plan. If you have prepared meals in advance, you will be much more likely to eat what you've already prepared.
  4. Get some sleep: Lack of sleep creates stress, stress plays a major role in the drive for us to eat - and possibly overeat. Sleep will work to reduce your stress levels, and help to curb your desire to overeat.
  5. Skip the alcohol: Even if you are only having, a few on the weekends with friends, alcohol can slow your metabolism. For those of you who reason that you will just burn the extra calories from drinking, remember that alcohol can actually increase fat storage in cells so skip the alcohol altogether.
  6. Drink Green Tea: Drinking green tea in the mornings instead of turning to your usual cup of coffee can increase your body's ability to burn fat. There are many brands of green tea on the market but avoid those that are energy drinks, bottled or instant and go for the fresh brewed green tea for best results.
  7. Avoid excess hunger: Salty or sweet foods will taste better when you’re hungry. This spells disaster for those with bingeing tendencies: miss a few meals during a hectic workday and a slice or two of frozen pizza when you get home becomes the entire pie with a pint of Ben and Jerry’s to boot. The solution? Eat offensively: every few hours. Don’t go hours on end without food and previously irresistible cravings become negligible.
  8. Consume Good Sources of Fat: You need to consume a balanced blend of all three macronutrients, including fat. Quality sources of fat include grass-fed beef, low mercury fish (trout, salmon, tilapia, and sardines), coconut/fish/MCT/extra virgin olive oil, eggs and raw nuts (almonds, cashews, pecans, walnuts, pistachios).
  9. Get Blood Work Done: Knowing whether you're properly nourished could mean the difference between fat loss and fat gain. Most people have low levels of vitamin D, which equates to both lowered immune function and insulin resistance, two keys to maximizing fat loss
  10. Cold water: It is true that, drinking cold water will also boost your metabolism. Drink cold water and skip the calorie drinks, you will not only skip the extra calories but you will help your metabolism as well.


Finally, you’ll need to be consistent and more dedication to lose fat, eating right and exercising regularly needs to become a habit, not just something you do when you can be bothered or when you have the time. If your current schedule makes it difficult to find the time for exercise, change it. Get out of bed earlier. Turn off the TV.


  1. Two words that immediately overwhelm people as they envision endless plates of plain chicken and limp broccoli, a grueling training schedule, no social life, and handfuls of supplements, all punctuated with hours and hours of steady state cardio.

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