Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Slim 9 Reviews: Safe Weight Loss

What is Slim 9?

Slim 9 claim that it is the most advanced weight reducing pill available on the market. The official website appears to be like similar to other fat burning supplement sites with a bit of info, lots of pictures and several purchase alternatives. There is a six months money back guarantee; complete ingredient list and FAQs section to help the dieter much better understand about the product. Furthermore it realized that a contact page is available on the site so dieter is able to ask questions if some topics are not covered on the website.

Significant ingredients of Slim 9:

Acai berry is an anti-oxidizing agent that may help deal with free radical damage and common signs of aging. This ingredient is not going to increase weight loss.
Green tea is able to boost metabolic function, but Slim 9 does not expose the amount of green tea is in the formula. Too little green tea is the very same as no green tea at all.
Cayenne is an all-natural thermogenic which may increase body temperature. The effect on weight loss, however, is minimal.
Caffeine is the mother of all stimulants - able to improve metabolic process and energy. Slim 9 do not tell the dieter what amount of caffeine is in every single dose so dieters sensitive to caffeine should be extremely cautious. Consuming an excessive amount of caffeine can cause negative side effects, including racing heart beat and nausea.
Dandelion root is a diuretic. This ingredient is not going to promote weight-loss however it can help the dieter get rid of water weight. Water weight loss generally just lasts as long as the dieter is consuming the supplement.

Other ingredients are:

  • Hoodia Gordonii
  • Ginger
  • Ginseng
  • Pro-Biotic Fibers
  • Psyllium Seed
  • Flax Seed

The merits:
  • It contains clinically proven ingredient-green tea.
  • Complete list of ingredient is given.
  • It consists of several anti-oxidants.
  • Company provides 6 months money back guarantee.

The demerits:
  • The exact amount of caffeine is not mentioned.

Customer reviews:

I've tried Slim 9 and I would like to say there is nothing that comes even close. I lost 45 pounds in less than 3 months. Now I love shopping for my new wardrobe. But the best thing I have gained is the confidence I never had before.
- Michelle Y, Chicago

Being overweight is not a pretty sight. I was overweight and my boyfriend was embarrassed to take me out with him. I wanted to lose weight, but the question was “HOW?” This was the time I got the herbal formula Slim 9. The pills let me be slimmer and reduced fat in my body. Now my boyfriend takes me around and he flaunts me to all his friends.
- Jessica T, New Orleans

Bottom line:

While the ingredient list for Slim 9 is not the most reliable, the money back guarantee is very excellent. The company is willing to permit consumers to use the supplement for half a year and still get their money back. If the dieter is not completely pleased, they simply have to give back the unused portion to receive a refund. But it is very important to refer the ingredient’s list while purchasing any product.

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