Friday, 29 March 2013

What Is Edema And How To Quickly Cure It With Supplements?


Edema is the medical term swelling caused by fluid retention. In other countries like UK, Australia and Ireland Edema is spelled as oedema. It is also called as water retention or fluid retention. Swelling due to fluid retention can occurs due to excessive buildup of water in tissues. This build up can lead to a rapid increase in weight within a short period of time. It can be caused within a week or couple of days. Swelling can occur throughout the body or it may be limited to a specific part of the body. Edema is commonly occurs in the feet and ankles.

Causes of Edema:

Edema can be caused due to high salt intake, gravity, burns as well as sunburns, as a reaction to hot weather and as side effects of certain drugs. Most of the time it can be caused due to menstrual cycle and menopause, pregnancy, oral contraceptives such as pills, and more things.

Some Other causes of edema:

•    High altitudes
•    Genes
•    Certain medications
•    Heart failure
•    Diabetes
•    Thyroid disease
•    Brain tumor
•    Liver disease
•    Surgery
•    Physical inactivity


It is not easy to deal with water retention but also isn’t impossible.  It can be treated with the help of following ways:

•    Oxygen therapy
•    Lucentis
•    Diuretics
•    Antiangiogenesis therapy

Most of the time people can self-treat this disease with the help of following ways:
•    Avoid intake of salt consumption
•    Do regular exercise.
•    If the patient is overweight then he should lose weight.
•    Wear supporting stockings.
•    Raise the legs several times per day to improve circulation.
•    Avoid sitting and standing for too long.
•    Avoid extremes of temperature, such as hot baths, showers, and saunas. Dress warmly if it is cold.
•    Get up early and walk about regularly when travelling by car, train, boat or plane.
•    Take massage if the affected area is stroked firmly.

How To Quickly Cure It With Supplements?

Edema which is also known as water retention can be treated with the help of natural supplements. Home remedies for fluid retention take some time to cure it and other medical ters are too pricy for some people. In such cases it can be treated with the help of natural depression supplements such as pills, capsules etc. it is one of the best option to cure edema without any side effects and without spending too much time and money. 

All in All:

Water retention is a swelling of tissues due to excessive water in it. But this can be treated with the help of various ways and one of them is natural supplements. But nowadays many supplements are available in the market to cure edema but unfortunately only few of them shows proper result. Since it is necessary to check to the ingredient’s list while purchasing it. Natural supplement is one of the safest and effective ways to fight with edema.

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