Tuesday, 26 March 2013

HTY Gold Reviews


Everyone wants to be look good, especially women’s who always caring about their skin more than anyone. They always try to look beautiful and gorgeous. The wrinkle free skin is the basic need for every woman wants to be. Exposure to sun, diet and their lifestyles are the causes that make the skin full of wrinkles. However various products available in the market but choosing the best are the most difficult task to do. HTY gold one such product from them claims to be effective for dry wrinkled crepe paper skin. It is said to provide nourishment, lipids and ingredients to stimulate cellular regeneration. It is fairly well established that cellular regeneration is the ideal way to treat thinning, aging skin.

Product Description:

HTY GOLD is a product of Pacific Specialty Oils, Inc. created by Patricia Kopas with her husband George, a master chemist having a working experience of 50 years with oil. They claim to make a formula which prevent and reduce the appearance of dry, wrinkled, crepe-paper skin on the body with no preservatives, fragrances, parabens, water, or manmade chemicals. Most anti-aging creams on the market today are water based and contain man-made chemicals and preservatives. Water based creams containing man-made chemicals and preservatives do not nourish your skin cells and can even be harmful to your skin. HTY gold is not water based and contains no man-made chemicals or preservatives. Therefore HTY Gold creamed oils are easily and gently absorbed into your skin, nourishing your skin cells and speeding the formulation of new skin cells.

 HTY Gold creamed oils are patented all-natural formulations rich in antioxidants and vitamins your skin craves. It contains antioxidants like, natural Tocotrienols, Tocopherols, CQ10, Beta and Alpha Carotenes, Vitamins E and A. Antioxidants give off electrons to skin cells which help fight free radicals that cause cell damage. HTY Gold creamed oils release these nutrients into your skin rejuvenating your body's natural ability to generate youthful skin.


•    The ingredients in the product are natural
•    Prevents the onset of dry, wrinkled, crepe paper skin
•    Provides powerful antioxidant protection
•    Full company contact information is provided.
•    30 days money back guarantee


•    No scientific evidence available for all claims.
•    The product is very expensive
•    The creamed oil may congeal or harden in hot or cold temperature.


HTY Gold did deliver a healthier, more protected skin. The all-natural combinations of lipids and nutrients have emollient properties which protect, replenish and nourish the skin, leaving the skin moist and radiant. However many reviews shows the product not very much effective for wrinkles and sagging skin, also as the product is completely of oil, it gives you the feel of greasy and at the end the product is very expensive.


  1. Yes I read about this product. According to my knowledge this product line comes with four additional treatments namely: Day Gold, Night Gold, Body Gold and Eye Gold. I know about this product because my mom used Night Gold for her skin and it seemed to be effective. It’s sure that it worked for my mom. It is really a nice product.