Thursday, 18 February 2016

Natural Arthritis Pain Relief - Natural Remedies for Inflamed Joints

Medication is generally the first pain relief option doctors recommend for arthritis sufferers. However, most doctors are completely unaware of the various natural remedies available for natural arthritis pain relief. The truth is that natural arthritis pain relief does not have to involve medication or surgery. There are many natural arthritis pain relief methods available, from hot or cold-water therapy, to biofeedback, to acupuncture. Although researchers and doctors around the world hotly contest the effectiveness of these methods in providing natural arthritis pain relief, there are many people who swear by these natural remedies.

Natural Arthritis Pain Relief

Warm water therapy, or hydrotherapy, can be an effective natural arthritis pain joint relief method. Many people find that exercising in water is preferable because it reduces the impact on inflamed joints. Exercise combined with the warmth of the water often soothes stiff muscles and joints. This may not work for everyone, but can be a great way to find natural arthritis pain relief. If you do not find relief from heat, you might consider trying cryotherapy (cold) therapy instead. This involves using cold compresses or ice packs to provide natural arthritis pain relief to a specific area. Cold numbs nerve endings and slows blood flow, thereby reducing inflammation in the joints.

Biofeedback is another natural arthritis pain relief treatment to consider. This option does not reduce pain in and of itself, but instead teaches patients to control their pain responses. A person who wishes to undergo biofeedback treatment is hooked up to equipment that monitors skin temperature, blood pressure, muscle tension, and breathing. Responses are then monitored so that you will know what happens when you experience pain. The idea is to gain control over these functions so that you can find natural arthritis pain relief.

Finally, acupuncture is gaining popularity as a natural joint pain supplements. Acupuncture involves using needles to block the release of endorphins that cause pain. Many doctors endorse the use of acupuncture for chronic pain such as that caused by arthritis; acupuncture needles are even recognized and regulated as medical devices by the FDA. Although some people may find natural arthritis pain relief after just one session, most need 5 to 10 sessions for maximum benefit. Many insurance companies provide coverage for acupuncture treatments, so be sure to check with your health insurance provider. Any of these treatments can be wonderful natural arthritis pain relief remedies, but remember to contact your doctor before trying any new treatment.


  1. It is so good to know about Natural Arthritis Pain Relief technique. I think that we shouldn’t take any medicines for curing Arthritis as it can be cured with medication less treatments like acupuncture. I have got sessions from at an acupuncture Mississauga clinic and got really great results within few days.

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