Friday, 2 May 2014

Hot Flashes Are Definitely Not a Fun Surprise for Mother's Day

Mother's Day is right around the corner. The day to celebrate all the fantastic mothers across the country. Unfortunately for some mothers, in addition to the admiration and attention they will receive, they will also experience a showering of hot flashes. The release of Exert Smart Body Coolant by Wilmington based company, Exert Co., will help these mothers keep cool during the heat from both a hot flash, and breakfast in bed.

Millions of mothers across the country celebrated the release of Exert. Not just mothers, but all women. Approximately 27 million women in the U.S. experience hot flashes and night sweats every single day. This number is expected to increase by 10 percent each year. "Exert improves marriages one sweatless night at a time," notes CEO of Exert Co., Christopher Joyce. If mom is happy, then everyone is happy.

Exert is incredibly easy. Simply spray on Exert in the morning and it works all day. Exert doesn't feel cold when applied but instead works by drawing heat away from the body only when the body needs it. When skin temperature rises, Exert activates and cools the skin by 2 to 6 degrees. When body temperature drops to normal, Exert recharges and is ready to cool again without the need to reapply. The proactive method utilized by Exert helps women to stay cool before they even get hot. Kim Franke-Folstad of the Tampa Tribune comments on the proactive method when she notes, "I usually have a hot flash within minutes of getting into bed - and I could tell one was coming on - but it was as though it hit a force field and couldn't make its way through."

The celebration of mothers commemorates all the comforting from nightmares, carpools to Little League games, and bandages when playing in the yard gets a little too rough. Even on a day like this, a hot flash is always right around the corner. With Exert, a hot flash does not have to be around the corner, especially not on Mother's Day.

A 4 to 6 week supply of Exert Smart Body Coolant retails for $30. To learn more about Exert Smart Body Coolant, visit or call 877-929-9922.

About Exert Smart Body Coolant

Exert Smart Body Coolant is a once a day body spray that activates only when skin temperature spikes. Exert cools the body by up to 6 degrees. Whether it's menopause, hot flashes, stress, medication, anxiety environment, excessive sweating, or physical exertion, Exert Smart Body Coolant helps regulate skin temperature. To learn more visit

About Exert Co.

Exert Co. is a Wilmington, DE based company that makes smart, functional, consumer products that solve "big market" problems in completely new ways.


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