Thursday, 25 July 2013

Research Promoted by Laura Jandras Huff Points Out The Devastating Mental Health Stigma Among Teens

New trends reveal a lack of awareness about mental health that dramatically impacts kids and teens, a reality Laura Jandras Huff strives to improve.

PHILADELPHIA, PA, July 25, 2013 /24-7PressRelease/ -- The Huffington Post released a recent article displaying urgency among kids and teens regarding youth mental illness, an issue mental health worker Laura Jandras Huff passionately seeks to expose. The report outlines the "deadly combination" of stigma, confusion and a lack of awareness when it comes to teen mental health.

Gordon Floyd, the president and CEO of Children's Mental Health of Ontario comments on the main issues young people struggle with in terms of mental health. He points out the enduring stigma attached with mental health disorders and how "almost one half of adults, or 49 percent, who feel they have suffered from depression or anxiety have never consulted a doctor about it." He comments on the issue of sensitivity. "Kids who are struggling at that age have extra difficulty being open about those struggles," he says. "It's very difficult for someone who is going through that identity-forming experience to expose themselves as needing a type of support that they're perhaps embarrassed about."

Laura Jandras Huff, a psychologist and counselor for teens and young adults suffering from depression and anxiety whole-heartedly concurs with his statement. "Confusion about mental illness continues to negatively impact the lives of teens and kids suffering with mental illness," she said. "I could have benefited greatly as a teen after hearing a message of acceptance. Speaking from someone who came from a dark and confusing childhood, I now try to create a safe space for teens to discover who they are and what they're really facing. They need to come to grips with mental illness rather than pretend it isn't there. That's the only way to make progress and find hope," she said.

Gordon Floyd continues to discuss the importance of recognizing signs between what some may consider normal adolescent emotions and a mental health disorder by identifying an issue when emotion or behavior "persists and interferes with the young person's daily life."

He insists on a need for a new perspective on mental illness, a common goal Laura Jandras Huff shares. "There's power in early diagnosis," she said. "That's reason enough to increase awareness and generate more mental health campaigns. There are different standards for physical and mental health, and it has to change."

Gordon Floyd remarks that people generally use the term mental illness as "an excuse for bad behavior," making it even more challenging to detect disorders among young people. Laura highlights this unfortunate reality. "So many people are afraid to talk about what they're experiencing because of the stigma attached with any mental health diagnosis. There are too many teen suicides because kids feel there is no hope in their future. If they received a proper diagnosis and care, it could save their lives," said Laura Jandras Huff.


Laura Jandras Huff is a psychologist and counselor who is more concerned with community health and growth rather than economic success. She has helped more than 100 people come to grips with their mental health needs and effectively turn their lives around. Her practice is ranked as one of the most successful in the area because of her passion and personal investment in each teen and young adult struggling with depression and anxiety.


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